SHARE-IT goes to school … and home


A lot has happened in the last 9 months since the SHARE-IT project began.  We now have the environment fully implemented in Unity 3D and running on diverse devices, including Windows machines and macs, which we demonstrated to parents and teachers in July.

Having the environment that works on different platforms  is truly amazing  as this is the first time that we can carry Andy around in our bags on our laptops, ipads or tablets.  It also opens to us a world of possibilities as to whom we can involve in designing, validating and using the technology regardless of the context of use.  We also have a crude online version of SHARE-IT, which we were hoping to show to the rest of the world, but this is still very jerky and slow, so for now and given our limited resources, we decided to prioritise our work and to finish developing all the tools for offline use.

We’ve met with parents at Topcliffe Primary in Birmingham at the beginning of July and this was a really great experience.  They are all keen to start using SHARE-IT at home, so we are working full steam ahead to have the environment spick and span for September, when we will be deploying it in children’s homes and at school.

We have developed a suite of tools for authoring the environment and for linking those authoring tools to the intelligent engine.  Anyone wishing to use SHARE-IT will be able to design the learning activities by choosing from a palette of objects, they will be able to change the colours as well as the order of the learning activities and their duration, depending on the needs of the individual children.

Also we have now successfully integrated the eye-tracker technology into the environment.  This will provide us with further input about the child’s actions and will inform our Agent’s behaviour in real-time.  To see how the eye-tracker currently works with our system see the video I posted on my LKL page here.


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