About the Project

SHARE-IT is an 18 months project funded by the EPSRC Research in the Wild. Building on the recently completed, TLRP-TEL funded ECHOES II project (ww.echoes2.org), the objective of SHARE-IT is to systematically investigate how different personal and mobile devices can be used individually and together to create a scalable intelligent learning environment for children with Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASCs).

The overarching aim of SHARE-IT is to facilitate continuity of support for children across school, home and other relevant contexts. SHARE-IT has two overarching research questions:

Q1: Can the efficacy of autism interventions be optimized by using technology to interface across school, home and the child’s existing therapeutic regime?

Q2: How can such technological infrastructure be sustained over time through a combination of (i) continuous, voluntary input from teachers and parents and (ii) the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to the real-time tracking and logging of children’s behaviours in naturalistic environments?

The potential impact of SHARE-IT is significant as its findings, along with the research process itself, can affect many people in many contexts: teachers in how they deliver support to children at school; parents in how they help their children at home in a way that is consistent with school intervention and in how they cope with the significant demands of caring for a child with an ASC; children in being offered a tailored and on-demand support.   In this blog the SHARE-IT team will post updates on the progress and milestones achieved during the project, over the next 18 months and beyond.


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